The Myth Behind The Chinese Zodiac | Ted-Ed


So it was a thing called The Great Race made by the Jade Emperor, Ruler of the Heavens

He needed a system to measure time, so he put 12 animals to race across a river, thus The Great Race.

The animals were a rat, an ox, a dragon, a tiger, a monkey, a pig, a rabbit, a goat, a horse, a snake, a chicken and a dog.

The Ox crossed the river first since its big body can sustain the river flow, while the rat and the cat was on top of each other, the rat scared the cat and it fell to the river, thus this is why cats hate rats and water. As the Ox gets closer to the end of the river, the rat jumped and took first place, the ox second, and the cat, who is now a tiger became third place.

Next, the rabbit who bibbity babbity hopped its way through the river with the stones, taking fourth place. The dragon however, cause of her noble heart, helped the other animals cross the river taking fifth place.

The horse galloped its way to the river, but just as it went by the finish line, the snake slithered below it and took sixth place, the horse came seventh place.

The jade emperor glanced at the river and saw the goat, monkey, and rooster on top of a raft together, the three of them agreed that the goat, who is the most compromising of them all, to take eighth place, the monkey in ninth, and the rooster at tenth.

The dog, that goddamn silly dog, he was a great swimmer, but sadly he liked the water so much it took him long enough to finish eleventh

And the pig, well.

Let’s just say its sleepy and hungry, so it want for a snack and a nap, and oinked over to the river at twelfth.

That’s it folks, the great race, i myself is a wood rooster, how ’bout you?

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