Curiosity, A Blessing Or A Curse: The Myth Of Pandora’s Box | Ted ED

It is shown by ancient greeks by the mythical figure of Pandora, and her box.

According to legend she was the first mortal woman whos curiosity set a blazing chain of actions.

Pandora was “made” by Haphaestus, the god of fire, from Aphrodite she has the ability to feel deep emotions, from Hermes she got the ability to master languages (possibly omnilinguistic), and Athena gave the gift of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Hermes gave the name Pandora.

Zeus bestowed her the gift of curiosity, and a heavy box, engraved in curved glyphs and sealed by a chain so heavy, in any circumstances, she was not allowed to open it.

On Earth, Pandora met and fell in love with Epimetheus, who took care of the world with his brother, Prometheus, but Prometheus is locked up because of giving fire to the first humans 😦

Pandora is so excited to be in earth, her curiosity sparks very wildly, often making her think of the box Zeus gave her.

She couldnt handle it anymore, stealing away from Epimetheus, she opened the box, only to release a cloud of demons and evil spirits, the essence of evil, as Zeus said.

They kept swirling around and eventually wreak havoc on the city. But, in the box, there was a shiny glimmer, it was Hope. She knew that opening the box is irreversible, so he sent Hope there to neutralize it.

The story has the story of the effects in the cause of tampering with the unknown, it’s a two edged sword.

Should we tamper the unknown, or leave it alone?

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