How Thor Got His Hammer| Ted ED

Ah yes, mjölnir, the hammer we all love, the hammer that we know has beat so many villains, but do we know it’s origins? (based in norse mythology, anyways).

Loki, the god of mishief, is scared of Thor’s iron grip, feeling annoyed always getting “bullied” by Thor, when the night came, she snuck to Thor’s room, and.

Cut her wife’s hair.

Thor. Was. Furious. He’s gonna kill Loki.

But Loki, as the god of mischief, he must have a plan right? Right.

So he had a plan to make a gift for the gods, and who oh who can make almost everything with forgery? The Dwarves.

So he went to Nidavellir, the realm of the dwarves, carved deep in the mountains.

First, he went to Ivaldi’s sons, one of the best blacksmith’s on the whole realm. Loki said that Brokk and Eitri wanted a competition to peove who’s the best blacksmith, the rules are you must make three gifts for the gods.

devide et impera.

Then, he went to Brokk and Eitri, also one of the best blacksmiths, and told what he told to Ivaldi’s sons, but said that they we’re the ones that want the competition to be held.

But Brokk and Eitri isn’t so stupid, they said if they won, Loki’s head is theirs.

Betting on his own head, Loki now is scared and does everything so Brokk and Eitri loses.

Loki bothered Brokk and Eitri by turning into a mosquito and bit them so their creation’s will be a defact.

And, it happened.

The day arrived, Loki presented the gifts from the sons of Ivaldi,

A golden hair, for Syph, Thor’s wife.

An almighty spear, for Odin, the All-Father

And a small cloth when unfolded came a mighty ship, for Freya, goddess of war.

Brokk and Eitri also gave a presentation to them

A golden boar, that with its power can take Freya anywhere in her chariot.

A golden ring, which would make 8 more identical rings in every ninth night.

and finally, A hammer, Mjölnir, for Thor, god of thunder, but the handle is too short. Loki, aware of this defact, grinned lightly, but then Brokk interrupted by saying that

It never shatter

Never misses it targets

And always return to Thor

The gods agreed that it was the best gift, and Brokk and Eitri could have his head, but Loki said, they DO have the rights to his head, but not his neck, thus not allowing them to cut it off.

Welp, Loki’s mouth was sewen anyways, so he cannot spread more false rumors. And thats how Thor met his hammer, Mjölnir.

That’s all folks!

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