The black plaque breakout

(From the documentary i saw this happened in 2014)

We all know the mystical horrifying bubonic plaque or as they call it the black plaque. Its the plaque that killed dozen of people back in the 14th centuries. it known for the name black plaque because it symptoms that causes you feet and hands to became black and causes it to deteriorated.

The return of the black plaque happen in Madagascar more precisely the outbreak happened in the isolated village of beranimbo. The causes are illegal logging which led rats to migrated from they’re natural habitat into the villages. The fleas of the rats called ratus ratus or black rat could migrated into humans body and transmitted the bubonic plaque.

Its symptoms are horrifying, once you got the plaque you begin to have violent flu, then you’ll start to have painful bumps in your groin and armpits then finally your finger and feet will start to become black as the bacteria eats your flesh alive.

Because of its isolated location lots of people died from the plaque. There were no hospitals or clinic near the village and the people there only rely on traditional medicine which it did not work on the end. Villages near beranimbo also started to get affected by the plaque from people in beranimbo asking for help.

The concerns are that it would spread to the cities and killed more people. Especially the 90 percent of poor people in Antananarivo living less than 2 dollars a month and having lack of clean water due to a coup back in 2009 which causes the country to be suspended and loss majority of its international aid and led the economy to go down horrendously and the health standard plummeted.

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