Opening semi-review of “The art of not giving a fuck” book by Mark Manson

Part 1

I really like this book. Not only that it matches my personality but also because i absolutely agree with what the author has written. It teaches you how to be more grounded and realistic and how worrying too much would just lead you to be more worried.

Plus, fun fact me and the author Mark Manson has the same MBTI type. No wonder we kinda have a sort of similar opinion. Like how hard work doesn’t always work. This book also shows how ungrateful we are towards what we have and how greedy we are for wanting more more and more, and results in a never ending cycle of not feeling good enough. I think those gifted burnout kids should read this they definitely got these problems.

And also, i find it interesting at first of when he said that not giving a fuck attitude can change the world, and then when i think about it, maybe it does, maybe it can actually change the world, maybe it can change how other people think, maybe us readers can change the world.

But, i did say maybe tho. I think changing the world is a bit eeeehhh, but you know what this attitude can do, yes, being more accepting and letting things go, being more chill and taking life not too seriously, creating a more chill and accepting environment. Yeah would 100 percent recommend this book for those who has a hard time letting go of things and those who think hard work is the only way to success.

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