✨ Amphibia review ✨

Just finished the whole 2 season so heres my little rant.

First of all the characters are interesting and has great complicated back stories, the plot twist at the end of season 2, and the fabulous writing, and not to mention the morals is just amazing, i would definitely put this in my top 10 cartoons.

The show is about a girl name Anne who is stuck in another world in a reptilian world called amphibia because her friends and her opened a mystical music box that she stole from a thrift shop. Then she got adopted (not literally) by the planters a frog farmer family. In season 1 it focused more on Anne’s life with the planters and how she handled being in another world. In season 2 things started to get more SPICY, i mean the lore of the characters and some nice character development, oh yeah and also new characters. Not to mention the CONFLICT and EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

I don’t get why this show is soo underrated, like how, its soo good. Anyways i’m not gonna spoil anything cause YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A FAN OF GRAVITY FALLS, STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL AND THE OWL HOUSE.

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