Opening review of “The art of not giving a fuck”

Part 2

There is a lot of things in part 1 that i missed so i am gonna make a part 2 of this.

The first step to not give a fuck is not giving a fuck doesn’t mean indifferent, not giving a fuck means being comfortable when being different. The main thing is, indifferent people are scared of the world. They felt insecure and they let all that feelings out by being a troll in the internet cause what else can they do.

Second step to not give a fuck we must know the things that were supposed to care about something that is far more important then difficulty. when you dont have something to worry or care about you’ll become a Karen (meme for middle age woman who is overly dramatic and complains about every little thing and doesn’t have decent logic) but when you have something meaningful to care about then you will not just waste you’re energy on some dumb shit with no meaning.

And last but not least whether you realise it or not, you will always find something to care about. No one is born with indifference. Even as a baby you’ll feel annoyed thats because you care about youre banana being too sweet. But as you get older you will start to care less and that doesnt mean its a bad thing infact its a good thing you would still care about something more meaningful than a expired coupon or something like that, its called maturing. When you start to mature you will have less energy and well start to know who we are and start accepting our self.

So whats the point of this book ???

This book would help you to think more clearly about whats meaningful in life and whats not. Because why worry about something unimportant over and over again when you could just not care.

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