FIRST LISTEN TO : SIERRA NIGHTS by Kevin Abstract and Ryan Beatty

First of all, Kevin’s voice, wow. The way he uses auto-tune is really beautiful, he managed to keep his voice intact and not corny. Ryan’s voice in the other hand, sounds angelic and light, considering the lyrics it fits really well. The instrumental has a nice mixture of synthesizers and acoustic guitar, two different instruments perfectly fitted and snugged together.

I don’t know who the director is (probably Jabari) BUT DAMNNNN was this a good-ass music video, the vibe i get from it is like “going out with friends, getting some food, tired and crashing at a friends house, ended up not sleeping because you just can’t shutup about the day” It’s a really carefree mood and i really dig it.

Overall, i love Kevin and Ryan for making this piece of music, will definitely blast on repeat. Thank you.


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