The art of not giving a fuck : chapter 2 (happiness is a problem)

So what i’ve learn from this chapter was about pain. And this is my thoughts on it.

Pain. We all hate pain. Physical nor emotional pain its the same and we hate it.

But dont you know that happiness is also the same. To much happiness could cause harm, not knowing any harm could be harmful, its like when you’re about to get attacked by a bear but you stupidly thinks that the bear just wants to play, it’s stupid. You cant be happy all the time, thats not how life works, we as human beings are meant to grow, and how do we grow you may be asking, yes, PAIN.

Through pain we could learn lots of thing. I mean how did you know that aunts joe cooking taste like garbage, cause you ate it and you feel the pain of how gross the cooking is, and thats how you learn. Pain makes you learn, it makes you realised something that you didn’t realised. “So what you’re trying to say is that we have to experience pain” ? Well yes, but do you have to feel it all the time ? No. Pain could be good sometimes but that doesn’t mean you have to experience it all the time, you have to solve it, you see, pain is kinda like a never ending puzzle of life, you experience things, gets hurt, solve the problem, happy. Then the same things happen over and over again, yeah i know, it sucks isn’t it. Thats just how life works.

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