Deep sea gigantism explained

a summary of

Im afraid of the deep sea. And most people probably do. The deep see is very mysterious as the deeper the level of the sea, the weirder and bigger the sea creature are. Scientist also said they have trouble finding out why these creatures are they way they are. But luckily we do have brilliant theorist, at first look, you might find the pressure at the deep sea will stunt the growth of the animals smaller than large, but in-fact, this isn’t an issue cause for the most part they’re made of water. But to why these animals could be large we need to now they’re biology, there are 2 rules, 1 is Kleber’s rules : the bigger the more efficient, the bigger will have a greater metabolism, this is due to the nature of blood vessels and the circulator of the animals. The Bergman’s rules : sea animals tend to increase in size with decrease in temperature causing them to have slower metabolism meaning they live in relative slow motion, growing to huge sizes due to the immense supply of oxygen in colder waters. Overall, in the deep sea, the bigger the better.

Due to climate change, oceans warm up, a change in the balance of the temperature, oxygen supply, and what organism are present, it will throw off the equilibrium. Meaning that these giants are the first one to extinct.

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