Hana ni Blue [華にブルー] by indigo la End, an earworm.

Hana ni Blue, a song from their newest album Secret de nuit, automatically became my favorite song after listening to it once. The guitar melody is catchy and makes me feel like laying in bed with the sun in my eyes, bathing my book in its coverage.

Enon’s voice and the harmonization in the chorus, paired with the instrumental carefully arranged in the back is really nice to listen to. I don’t know what makes me feel this way when I’m listening to this song, i can’t help but dance and play with my feet everytime i listen to this masterpiece.

This song has such a fun and catchy flow its too hard not to mumble it everytime it comes to mind, tho it’s on my mind everytime, a literal earworm, and im glad it is. Take a listen, you might not like japanese music, but please give this song, if not the whole album a try. Thank you.

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