Chapter 3 : you’re not special (The art of not giving a fuck)

Stop thinking that you’re special. Stop thinking that you’re better than everyone. And stop pitying yourself to get attention. Please. Its fucking annoying.

You’re not special, and thats okay, cause none of us are. Now sit your ass down and let’s talk about why you’re not special and how it can badly affect you.

First, in order to be special, you need to suffer. For example, you wanna have the the perfect skinny body that models have, in order for you to do that, you will have too, starve yourself, get an ED, ended up in a mental hospital, get major trauma because of it. Oh or maybe you wanna have the best grades in school, you will have too, 24/7 studying, social life ?? whats that, oh no theres someone better than you, work harder, burn out, fail classes, now you have depression. See how toxic trying to be special is. See how living by these stupid standards could badly harm you. And the amount of people pressuring another person to be this way is awful and honestly boils my blood.

You’re not perfect and that okay. And yes, you will never achieve perfection, no matter what you do, you can never be perfect. And yes it hurts, but thats the key to realisation, truth, as Mark Manson said “truth is vegetables for your brain, it taste bitter and plain, but it’s good for you” . So enjoy your life, have fun with your friends, spend time with your family, ask out that cute guy in class, and just enjoy the simple things in life.

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