ORV Random Ramble Continued

Did i say ORV dragged me down the path of no return? Well… that was quite a bit exaggerated, honestly, but HEAR ME OUT.

What really makes me love this novel so much. First things first, can say i peculiarly relate to Kim Dokja, the protagonist of ORV in some ways. That feeling when you found a certain fictional character and you eerily shares a few things in common. Kim Dokja had way more tragic life compared to mine obviously, but you know you can’t help but empathize if you already know how Kim Dokja lived his life before the apocalypse, especially if you somehow know how it felt. Whoops, not gonna let myself spout TMI. Kim Dokja’s life is another story to tell so you better just read the whole novel yourself!

What amuse me the most is that whenever i binge read ORV, Kim Dokja always has something extra up his sleeves. He Never lacks of plan for any situation unfolding and he always managed to live things up to his Own expectations, whether it was barely or perfectly done. It’s not a rare occurrence where he almost die for the sake of those plans, tho. Leaving his companions behind and made the rest of them hates him yet dejected about him being such a suicidal fool. But of course, he doesn’t let his “noble” dying act be in vain. He always aims for something in return of his sacrifices. That’s why later on he got the word “salvation” donned up as one of his nicknames. ^^;;

And, man, The Plot. It might starts a little bit slow the first 50 chapters (yes 50) but trust me you will get your serve as soon as KDJ, slowly but surely, shows everyone in what the world had become, the <Star Stream>, who’s the one in charge. He started with making a mess with a pack leader and fought his way up to find the very root of the doomed <Star Stream> itself. I’ve only read ORV up until 400-esque chapters but even this far in the story things had just started to unravel, bruh… you really have to be patient if you like to read webnovels. Actually now, ORV being 551 long is not a concern to me anymore cuz that’s exactly what keeps me going omg that means i will have many reading materials for this month or two. \^-^/

Back to topic omg i’ve went on rambling about too much on the previous paragraph. I’m not sure what else to say… just. Read ORV. Give it a try. If you like fantasy action sci fi with a satisfying protagonist to read, ORV is your answer. Plus, I never heard people who have read ORV who doesn’t like Kim Dokja, truly this fellow is one hell of a satisfying character to discuss. And to Kin! ;D

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