Smiling Through it All </3

Academic year has just started almost over a month ago and now i’m back in real life. Since April i’ve been lazing around with exactly nothing wholesome to do and with absolutely zero motivation to do something worthwhile in this period of time. Cuz when will i get this rare dilly dally time if not back then before the new academic year starts?

And now… i’m unironacally back to life, back to school, and back to homework. This doesn’t even feels like real life cuz i don’t get to study and interact and socialize with my new friends in high school BECAUSE of this little dude c0v1d ruined our life :((

But one way or another, life goes on (not BTS but sure), and i must carry on, and That sucks but That’s reality. Yeah well i don’t like you realityAnyways this is going far more and more astray from the main point but if you find your days bad, take a rest, no need to rush, relax for a moment, and get back to it once you feel like you’re ready (to be tired yet again). ^^

I don’t know what else to write honestly i’m kinda in my Demotivated Era so yea ❤ this is very absurd but if anyone’s reading, YOURE DOING GREAT AND YOU ARE GREAT!! ❤

p.s. sorry not sorry for any weird diction or incorrect grammar ^__^

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