Review of Sad-ist [Dream SMP war]

As the sun rises, Wilbur begin to declare war against dream and his team. The game starts, arrows starts to shoot, trust was broken as Eret pushed the buttons causing the whole building to collide and two worlds was separated. This is the beginning of something much more.

This is the animation that got sad-ist viral, this masterpiece is what got me into this fandom. Im so glad i found this and i think i’ve watched it more than 10 times. The music choice is incredible definitely suits the situation, the animation was just chef kiss (spoiler : it gets better), the fact that she animated it so accurately with the faces is just amazing, not only that but the drama that she puts, makes the whole thing so enticing and just…it makes you emotional thats what i’m gonna say. In conclusion, sad-ist is such a talented animator and the fact that she’s only 18 is just beyond expectation.

Ps : the part when Tommy said “you fucked up” gives me chills every time.

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