School Wasn’t as Scary as I Thought

I finally went to school today, taking some fresh morning air like i used to 2 years ago. I’m actually quite fired up for the very first day of school since Forever, being a little nervous wasn’t an exception.

What if i stutter when i talk to my classmates? What if they see me as a weird person? All negative thoughts flooded in the moment i sat on my chair. To be honest, i’m more of an introverted person, i tend to choose to spend my time alone. And I’ve always feel—especially since this pandemic started—that i can’t do that well in terms of socializing.

But in actuality, in the situation i faced previously today, i already have friends. We talked, though not much, but we got along much better than i thought we would in my head. It’s even my classmates who took the most initiative to talk to me… i want to thank them so much for trying to got on a convo with me :’

So from today onwards, i made a mental note that it’s totally okay for me to feel nervous about the first day of school, but i shouldn’t worry for the worst too much. Because one way or the other, me, as a person, has always been managing to pull it off! Go and talk to new people has never been that scary in the first place for me. ;D

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