[slight SPOILER] My thoughts on ‘Squid game’

Found this on tiktok, watched this because one of the actors is attractive, and i’m just gonna say. Very nice thriller. Quiet gory too. If you hate blood i would not recommend watching.

It’s about this guy, who at first of the series is seen as, impulsive, irresponsible and self indulgent. Because of his behaviour, he has lots of debt. But, he is empathetic, he joined the game because he dont want his daughter to leave him to America and also because his mother suffered from severe diabetes. So his whole motive is affected by people therefore quite off topic but i think he’s an ESFJ.

Now, he didn’t know he was going to play a deadly game at first. But he ended up playing it anyways, cause either way, life outside nor inside of the game is both suffocating, so you know, might as well give it a try.

Games in the squid game were mostly childhood games, yes quite haunting isn’t it, playing children’s game to save yourself. Why is it all childhood games you may ask ? Well turns out, the old man who made this game said “when you’re rich, everything you buy and eat, felt boring”. So yes, this deadly game where hundreds of people died was made for rich people entertainment and so the old man asked again “Do you still believe in humanity” ?.

The game itself is i think a metaphor for dirty rich people get rich, through hard work and luck, and also a bit of cheating, and stepping on others, actually never mind, this game is about people being greedy and how immoral people can be to reach the top.

Anyways, season 2 is probably in the making so i’m excited for it.

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