[My thoughts on] Anne with an E : “different isn’t bad, its just not the same”

This show is amazing. I think it really suits for a person like me.

Image from Gizmostory

Its funny how i dislike tiktok yet always finding some really good things in there too.

I love how this show, shows how much the world could be better if people weren’t so scared of changes and differences. Anne is a very intelligent girl, the fact that she lives in the 1800 where phones was not even invented yet could have such a modern thinking. This leads people to be weirded out by Anne and misunderstood her as a ‘bad influence’ or ‘outrages’. But because Anne has such interesting ways of showing other possibilities to people, people started to liked her.

I feel upset, how many people still think the same way as the people from the 1800 do. Like come on now, why is it a big deal that a woman could be just as smart and talented as a man, or why is it a big deal that people have different skin tones and features, and why is it a big deal that people can love whom ever they love. Its sad cause people just wont understand or even doesn’t want to understand that these things are valid and there is nothing wrong with it.

“different isn’t bad, its just not the same”

But then again, people being people would normalize, p3dophilia, r@pe culture and other cruel stuff. It doesn’t make sense to me, how people would be so okay with these harmful stuff, but hating about stuff that isn’t harmful.

Open your mind sheeples, if you want a forward world you need forward thinking. If you want a better world you need to a better thinking. As a genz, i’m proud that people in my generation are more aware of these stuff, and how bad these outdated thinking could ruin our future. And that’s a wrap, i hope i change your mind a bit about things just like Anne did to the people around her.

Sincerely, bee/ayasha/sabee/yallbonkers/butternutsquash.

And a little thank you to the internet for educating me.

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