[My thoughts on] She-ra and the princesses of power

First of all, its great, the character development, nice! But the animation, its a bit outdated. Its release in 2017 but the animation quality feels like an upgraded early 2000s cartoons.

But okay, moving on to the story. So the whole plot is basically, Adora who is a soldier from an intergalactic most powerful empire became the chosen one known as “She-ra”. She had no clue that horde was terrorising Etheria (the planet name) and so she left her so called home, but, her childhood best friend was not to happy about it and start attacking her. And so war begins, chaos, betrayal, manipulation blablabla then BOOM, Horde prime (no spoilers).

I think this cartoon is very entertaining (knowing that i finished the whole 5 seasons in 3 days). The conflict is just so addicting, although its predictable ITS VERY FUN TO WATCH, well at least in my opinion. No wonder lots of people enjoyed this show (duh).

Sincerely, bee.

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