[Spooky Childhood Movies] Paranorman Agatha Scene

Ah yes paranorman, very memorable for weirding me off at 4 years old. I mean i’ve never been a fan of horror movies in the first place and i didn’t understand what the movie is about, so as a kid i always got bored while watching this movie, although some scenes always stayed in my brain. for example, this scene :

This scene has so much impact in me, i literally got chills while watching this as a 4 year old. I remembered one time i was just scrolling through my phone, then i just randomly remembered this scene, mostly because the music in it was SO GODDAMN GOOD AND HAS SO MUCH EMOTIONS TO IT.

But, now 10 years later, i watched it again and realized, this movie was amazing. I mean its not usually what i would watch, its kinda boring for me, but the morals in this movie is amazing. Its so a head of its time and very unique. Like how they teach us to not judge the book by its cover (i know very cliche) but i think that phrase got a lot meaning to it.

Not judging a book by its cover means don’t make up conclusions about something, when you don’t know the story behind it. And in this movie, you can see how detrimental ignorance can be, how hurting people just because you’re scared of them can really impact other peoples lives, how literally stupid people can be just because THEY’RE SCARED. If you read my last review about Anne with an e, I’ve already mentioned about how people tend to be ignorant of things for the fact that they’re scared of change. This is how racism, patriarchy, homophobia, ableism start, through the fact that people are scared, people are scared of change, of difference, and concludes to them hurting these different people because of the mere shock that they got from them. Still, its not an excused for hurting other people and out casting them. People have gone through a lot because of this, how it could really messed up their brain. So please, open up your mind and try to understand their point of view.

That concludes my rant, sincerely, bee.

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