Bee’s rant : The Summer I Turned Pretty (may contain spoilers)

To be honest, i didnt expect much from this show considering this is not the type of show i would watch, but i got bored and ive seen a couple of people reviewing this on youtube, so i thought yeah why not give this show a shot. And so i did, so heres my review on The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty, is about a 15 year old belly and her eventful summer at cousins beach, where she hopes to fell in love. More specifically the plot is about her being caught in a love triangle by the fisher brothers, conrad and jeremiah. Now, i would be lying if said i liked this whole love triangle trope in romance shows especially when ITS BETWEEN FAMILY, like ummm i dunno, i guess the fisher family has a type. But despite the whole love triangle thing, its actually pretty good, like its not cringe its actually pretty sweet and engaging, but a problem i do have is the male lead, now i like all the characters in this show but this guy is just INFURIATING to say the least, hes the streotypical hot mysterious edgy angsty guy which is one of the trope i disliked when its not executed well. Like i know why he behaved that way, but god this dude is PLIN PLAN as fuck, like do you like her or nah, and also the main character goddamn shes really annoying too, like i know shes 15 or whatever but she literally cheating on her boyfriend 2 TIMES, to be with a guy who doesnt really know what he wants. So in conclusion, everyone in this show is great, except for the main leads, the soundtrack is bomb, the acting was pretty great and it suprisingly didnt made me cringe, except on the last part but it was still pretty great. I’ll rate this show a solid 6.5/10 it could be better if season 2 doesnt dissapoint me.

thats all for The Summer I Turned Pretty, im bee and im 15, thank you for reading this horrible rant of mine, have a wonderful day/night ❤

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