Bee’s Rant: The Sandman (contain a lil spoiler for ep 1)

Now, i have no idea this “The Sandman” comic existed moreover it becoming a netflix series until one of my favorite artist on instagram recommended it and was ranting about it nonstop, so i got curious and decided to give it a watch. To be honest, the first thing that came in my mind when i heard about this, is i thought this was gonna be on of The Rise of The Guardians franchise or something. Also its pretty funny seeing the contrast between TROTG sandman and The Sandman, sandman.

golden sunshine
emo edgelord

But besides the TROTG talk, lets talk about the real topic, on why I LOVE THE SANDMAN.

Quick fangirl shesh, THE CAST ARE ALL SO FRICKING ATTRACTIVE and TOM STURRIDGE ACTING WAS PHENOMENAL, and ofcourse the other cast too but since he played morpheus who 85% of the time monologuing, his method acting and facial expression was on point. And dont get me started on his voice, my god was it perfect for the whole vibe of this series and ofcourse morpheus, perfect casting ill say. Ekhem, now lets begin for real this time.

The first episode starts of with this old guy bringing a spell book to this cult leader guy or something, who wanted this spell book so that he can bring back his dead son by capturing Death, but instead of capturing Death he captures Dream instead. Cult guy stole all of Dream belongings and trap him inside this spell circle thing, leaving him weak and helpless. Though, cult guy said that he would release Dream from his prison if he would give prosperity to him, but Dream not wanting this jerk to receive such gift refuse and stayed quiet for more than a decade until hes finally free and thats when the journey begins. Yes, im not gonna spoil too much cause i recommend this series alot, it has great acting, amazing special effects and also the story is engaging as hell, this series is 100% my taste so i think i might be rewatching it if i got bored. Also, my favorite episode would be episode 4 “a hope in hell” and episode 6 “the sound of her wings”.

Thats all folks for todays rant, hope you have a wonderful day/night, peace out ❤

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